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  • Ken Eyring

Parents Taking Back CONTROL With Hidden Law... and Help From the GIP!

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

The Government Integrity Project (GIP) released an explosive document on September 2, 2021 that empowers Parents to petition (DEMAND) school boards call a Special Meeting (i.e. Special Election). That election will allow PARENTS (and registered voters) to vote on their proposed mask policy for the district. According to NH Secretary of State Bill Gardner, parents across NH have this legal authority to successfully take back control of their schools as defined by law.

Parents in many towns are already collecting signatures on their petitions to implement their new-found powers - and the GIP is ready to help towns with this important Right to self governance.

The GIP has committed to helping communities like Moultonborough and Timberlane regain control of their schools. Moultonborough delivered its signed petition to the District on September 2nd.

Timberlane parents are well on their way to garnering the required number of signatures that will be delivered to school district chairperson Kim Farah. You may recall that Farah had a Sunday School Teacher arrested for not wearing a mask to one of her meetings, leading to her being ousted from her Danville Selectman's seat on July 13, 2021.

The GIP reached out on behalf of Timberlane parents David Kiley and Josh Manning for help earlier today:

Good morning Friends!

We hope you've been well.

On behalf of the Government Integrity Project, thank you to all who have answered the call to contribute in recent campaigns, through prayer, phone calling, door-to-door canvassing, sign-building, sign-waving, pamphleting, data enty, recruiting, graphic design, printing, mailing, HQ locations, food/beverage, donations, et al.

After our recent article went viral, (BOOM! HIDDEN LAWS Enable Parents to CONTROL School Boards! ) two NH Patriots [and Timberlane school district parents], David Kiley and Josh Manning put the pedal to the metal and kicked off a petition signature campaign to gather 1,000 signatures that will be a catalyst to improving the lives of students, employees and visitors to Timberlane Regional School District: to make masks optional!

The petition reads:

“To see if the voters of the Timberlane Regional School District will vote to adopt the following provisions pertaining to requirements to wear face coverings within the Timberlane Regional School District; (a) The use of face coverings shall be optional for all students at the sole discretion of their parent or guardian, (b) the use of face coverings shall be optional for any employees and visitors on school district facilities and attending school sanctioned events.”

We [the GIP] would like to gather volunteers over the next five days to assist David, Josh, and other local volunteers to canvas any neighborhoods in the towns of Atkinson, Danville, Plaistow and Sandown. They still need 400 signatures, and this weekend will be a key factor in their success. Any amount of time will make a difference and is greatly appreciated.

If you are available and feel called to this activity, please review and fill out the form in this link: .

If you prefer to not fill out this form, please provide a response via an email to

Name Cell phone # Email address Days and times you can be on site

Upon filling out this form, or letting us know your availability via email, we will contact you with more information and get you set up to canvass. Thank you!!

Stay tuned, as we will assist parents in other towns as requested in the coming weeks, and will rally volunteers for those activities.

Thanks, and God Bless!

What are you waiting for? Sign up now and help parents take back control of their schools! It's for the kids!

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