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  • Ken Eyring

BOOM! HIDDEN LAWS Enable Parents to CONTROL School Boards!

By Ken Eyring - September 2, 2021

Elitist School Boards have implemented policies and curricula that go against parent values and wishes, like mask mandates and CRT. This has lead to hotly contested meetings because parents are fed up with being ignored. But now parents have a weapon of their own to take back control!

The Government Integrity Project (GIP) has uncovered laws that give parents legal authority to mandate THEIR wishes and decisions are implemented!

No more pleading with school board members about masks… or CRT… or DEI/J… or any other decisions that are being made against your will. Mandate what you want your school board to do via a voter-approved petition – and they have to do it!

This newfound power is not limited to mask policies. Parents can take decision-making control into their own hands for any issue at any time.

Parents have this authority via RSA 197:2 (in single town school districts), and RSA 195:13 (in cooperative school districts), to call for a special meeting (i.e. special election) so voters can vote to override the school board. (Click here for the Full Story with additional info and links on the Granite Grok.)

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